Tea Recommendation #4

Raspberry Nectar by Tea Forté

The sweet juicy taste of garden-ripe raspberries is beautifully blended with a flowering of tropical hibiscus petals. Steeps a full-flavored, delectable cup. Wonderful when served over ice.

Aroma: It smells like raspberries before and after you brew it. Amazing scent.

Appearance: Beautiful, clear red from the hibiscus.

Sensation: Tastes very fruity, as you would expect from raspberries. Somewhat tart because they add citric acid.

Serving: Drink hot or warm, chilled is amazing. I sweeten it no matter which temperature.

{Alternative Tea}

Raspberry Hibiscus by Stash

An enchanting blend, lightly sweet and fragrant with the flavor of freshly picked Northwest raspberries. First we combine ruby red hibiscus from China, lemongrass from Peru, Valencia orange peel from the United States, rosehips from Chile, and rose petals from Pakistan. Then we add pure, natural flavor from fresh, ripe raspberries. The result is a bold fruity tisane that is both sweet and tangy. Since it is naturally caffeine-free, this flavorful beverage can be enjoyed any time of the day and makes a great thirst-quenching iced tea.

It all the same profile wise but I love that this has lemongrass. It’s far more convenient since you can buy it at most grocery stores. It’s not that much of a “down grade” to buy this instead.

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